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    Cool no drivers for networking

    A lady gave me a Dell 4600 computer that has no internet capability.
    I have all the CD disc that came with this older computer. (Windows XP)
    Should I reformat and start new, or can I download the drivers needed from my own computer from the Dell site and transfer them to the older computer with removable thumb drive?
    What would you do to get this computer internet capable?
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    Does the machine have a NIC {network interface card} installed? It would be very unlikely for the software to be missing if the NIC was there. Check the back of the machine and look for a RJ-45 plug. This is like the RJ-11 plug on your telephone cord but larger. If it is there you need to run a program like SIW to see exactly which NIC you have installed, you can then go to the Dell site and download the proper driver to a thumb drive and transfer it. If no NIC you'll need to purchase one and install it. It will come with a disk with the appropriate software.

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm assuming that you want high speed internet (cable or DSL). If you are going to use a dial-up account you want to look for that RJ-11 plug, you can use a spare phone cord to check for size, to indicate that a MODEM is installed. If not then you need to purchase a MODEM and install as above.
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    According to the specs it has an integrated network adapter, so all you need is drivers. If you have all CDs, surely there is one with the drivers as well? Otherwise you can just download them the way you described.

    A reformat doesn't seem needed unless you want to do it.

    P.S.: Probably I should have said this before, but did you check the available hardware in Device Manager? You should have a network adapter there or at least a device signaled with an interrogation mark.
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