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    IE 8 tabs keep recovering

    Hope this helps someone!

    I was having a big problem with IE 8's tab recovering almost every time I went to a web page all of a sudden. I had not installed anything for a while, so I didnt understand why all of a sudden the tabs kept recovering, and then IE would tell me that it could not return me to to the page I was trying to get to.

    After searching the internet and finding that many other people were having the same problem, I performed tasks that other people were trying to solve the problem to no avail. Then I ran across a post where a guy disabled a toolbar called "" on his computer and it resolved his problem. I did not have that toolbar but I checked my toolbars to see if anything was not kosher. I had a toolbar called "conduit engine", which I would always disable when I saw it, but I did not do so as I normally do, and after a day or two, my problem with tab recoverey started. I diabled the toolbar and my problem was gone! It seems that some toolbars have a compability problem with explorer, and when left open will cause you headaches.

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    Revjc, Welcome to the Lounge. It always nice to see new posters.

    I generally do not allow thes extra toolbars to install. If they are they can generally be uninstall through Control Panel, Programs and Features (Win 7), unsure exact uninstall location for XP.
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    Quite often add-ins are the cause for browser problems. Toolbars are probably one of the most frequent causes for browser instability, even toolbars from reputed sources.

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