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    Microsoft Security Essentials Will Not Update

    I use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) on a Windows XP machine. A month ago, it failed to catch a virus that gave fake virus warnings. In my research, it was called the Windows 2012 virus. It was strange. My wife's account was infected and it was unusable because of all the fake virus warnings. They would pop up until the machine ran out of memory and locked up. However, my ID on the same machine was fine and appeared to be completely unaffected.

    MSE on my ID would not detect or remove the virus and it could not run on her ID. A friend removed the virus and everything appears to be fine on both ID's. Multiple scans with MSE and another virus scanner (not automatically running so no conflict with MSE) detects nothing.

    There is, however, one minor lingering problem. MSE will not automatically update. It starts but aborts due to a "network or connection error." I can manually download and install the virus definitions but would prefer to get the auto update working again if anyone has suggestions.

    Ronny Richardson

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    MSE seems to have problems on XP. you might not be able to get the auto updates. No AV app will catch everything, and almost none will stop the drive by infections that require operator input to infest, the fake scareware pop ups. (These are something less of a problem with Win 7 in my belief) To stop these pop ups, DO NOT use the Red X in the corner (many of these have been reprogrammed to start the process) use the Teask Manager instead (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to end the task.

    MalwareBytes seems to be one of the better apps to help elliminate thes buggers. Start in Safe Mode and load MalwareBytes loaded on a USB flash drive if possible (many of these nasties won't allow you to download MalwareBytes.)
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    Go to Control Panel> Internet Options and click on the Connections tab. Click on the Lan Settings tab and make sure the box next to Use a Proxy server.... is not checked. Mallwarebytes often misses this Malware change.


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