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    Lightbulb Field codes to text or string to allow posting - repost from macropod

    When discussing field codes in the forums or an email it can be helpful to actually see the code. When you copy a field code from Word and paste elsewhere (as in a forum) you simply get the field result.

    Related thread: Convert field codes to text for posting | Windows Secrets Lounge.

    Here is a similar macro from macropod. I've been using it since 2004 when I want to look at or share a field code. (Truly sharing a complex field code requires sending a document with the code in it, though.)

    Sub FieldCodeToString()
    ' Posted to the newsgroup on 15 April 2004 by macropod
    ' Converts a Word field code to a string (in the clipboard)
    Dim Fieldstring As String, NewString As String, CurrChar As String
    Dim CurrSetting As Boolean, fcDisplay As Object
    Dim MyData As DataObject, X As Integer
    NewString = ""
    Set fcDisplay = ActiveWindow.View
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    CurrSetting = fcDisplay.ShowFieldCodes
    If CurrSetting <> True Then fcDisplay.ShowFieldCodes = True
    Fieldstring = Selection.Text
    For X = 1 To Len(Fieldstring)
    CurrChar = Mid(Fieldstring, X, 1)
    Select Case CurrChar
    Case Chr(19)
    CurrChar = "{"
    Case Chr(21)
    CurrChar = "}"
    Case Else
    End Select
    NewString = NewString + CurrChar
    Next X
    Set MyData = New DataObject
    MyData.SetText NewString
    fcDisplay.ShowFieldCodes = CurrSetting
    MsgBox NewString & " is now in the Clipboard for pasting."
    End Sub

    Charles Kenyon
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