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    Outlok 2007/ Outlook connector and missing email messages

    Hi, Thought I dumped outlook back when it was still 2003 I"m trying to help my friend with her Outlook 2007 / and Outlook connector. We successfully connected her outlook to her hotmail account which contained lots and lots of messages. She pays for the extra storage space. She started to clean up her mailbox in Outlook and deleted some folders. Those messages now appear to be gone from hotmail as well when she logs into the site via the web. I know that this connector is not true IMAP but uses a different protocol that mimics it. Since she saw that there were the same folders in Outlook that there used to be in hotmail, she deleted them and emptied the trash. She thought they would be recreated when she launched outlook again. Does this mean the messages are gone for good? She is in a panic as she has lost years worth of valuable email. I'm open to any advice and suggestions. Is there anyway to retrieve this stuff? Thanks Susan Susan

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    I believe the Outlook Hotmail Connector uses a protocol called Deltasync. Changes made at the client are pushed to the server on the next synchronization. That is the only way you can manage email when using a client program with synching such as IMAP or Deltasync.

    She should contact Hotmail support ASAP. I don't know if they can help but absent a recent backup of the PC they are the only ones who can.


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