I frequently use ctrl-click to select multiple non-adjacent items from a list. This works in all my programs where I have tried it, including Eudora, my email program of choice. However, when I switched to a new computer running Windows 7, Eudora has presented a new response to ctrl-click. In other programs, ctrl-click works same as always, but in Eudora, when working with addresses in the address book, ctrl-click lets me select exactly two addresses, but not more. When I ctrl-click to select the third address, it drops off the first one selected. Anytime I ctrl-click to select more than two, what I get is only the most recent two.

This is a big enough problem that I'll have to finally give up on Eudora if I can't solve it, and I really like Eudora. Eudora was originally developed by Qualcomm, who no longer supports it, so don't bother suggesting that I ask them.