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    A while back I networked my son's X-Box to my music.

    I use Foobar to play music but this meant that I had to let Media Player get involved so the X-Box could play the music. Media Player proceeded to resize over 2500 of my album art (folder.jpg) and created a corresponding (AlbumArtSmall.jpg). I had them at 350x350 and now they're 200x200. Fortunately they were also embedded in the metadata. I'm going through and removing the resized (folder.jpg), (AlbumArtSmall.jpg) and and replacing the correctly sized (folder.jpg).

    It's a time consuming process made worse by the fact when I go to delete these files I get the message:

    "The file 'AlbumArtSmall.jpg' is a system file.

    If you remove it, your computer or one of your programs may no longer work correctly...."

    Is there a way to stop getting this message for these files?



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    Try running the del command from a command prompt. Open a command prompt window and enter (replace text in italics with your data):

    cd base-music-directory
    del /f /s /q /a folder.jpg
    del /f /s /q /a AlbumArtSmall.jpg
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