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    Where are typeahead/sent email ids stored in Outlook ?

    Dear All,

    When we compose a mail in OL and then type in the TO: or CC: email addresses, OL automatically gives suggestions of email ids that you have already sent a mail to in the past. I have noticed that OL will only remember these email ids for a few days.

    Two questions emanate from this:
    a: Where does OL store these emails temporarily ? Can we access the location ?
    b: Can we increase the number of days for which OL will remember these email ids for ?

    Thanks for the insight.


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    Where the names are stored depends on the version of Outlook. The names are not time limited. There are limits on the number of names kept which once again depends on the version of Outlook. See How to import .nk2 files into Outlook 2010 for location information. Here is some more explanation and discussion - Understanding Outlook's Autocomplete Cache. See Outlook nk2 file size limits for details about the number of addresses kept.

    NOTE: I have seen comments saying that although you can change the number of name that are retained it is NOT a good idea as it leads to instability in Outlook. I have never changed the limit and do not know anyone who has so I can't comment directly.


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