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    MORE PROBLEMS - Other backup apps - help

    I use CMS's Bounceback ultimate. This copies the system (in my case, C:\) to an USB disk and also configures it as a disaster recovery service: I can choose to bootstrap from C:\ or from the BB disk. The idea is that I can be up and running in the time it takes to close the system and reboot in case of a catastrophic failure of C:\.

    Of course, I can schedule copies and do incremental copies (which is to say, I can update the existing copy), but here comes the problem:

    I have been using it for almost two years without any problem, but right now (since about a month and a half ago), whenever I so much as try to bring up the control center (from the system tray), the app throws an exception and windows says that it must now close, etc.

    And there is no way of getting the app going: I must uninstall and reinstall, and do the full copy anew every time, because, naturally, the app, on installing, formats the drive where the copy is to be installed.

    However, even after the exception (but of course before reformatting the USB disk containing the backup) the copy remains in the disk, and I can substitute files / folders at will (the Firefox markers went corrupted once -I went to the backup copy (while the app had been terminated by windows), copied the file in C:\and zap, the markers were all there again in seconds.

    I use XP SP3. (And I am quite nerdy, but I am afraid this has been made cleaar by the text above, without needing to say it explicitly).

    Any ideas?. As I said, the thing has worked flawlessly for about two years -and there is no new app I can think of that might be the cause.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you contacted Bounceback?

    cheers, Paul

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