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    WIN 7 SP 1 System Repair Disk

    Thanks to many of you I have finally been able to install SP 1 (ERROR 80004005). For me the solution was to accomplish the upgrade repair task using the installation disk as laid out in Fred Langa's recent article. All updates are now successfully installed. The last thing I did was to create a system image followed by accepting the offer to create a system repair disk. The disk image was successfully performed but the repair disk left me with a message stating "The files needed to create a system repair disk were not found on this computer ...). The message went on to say that I could still perform the task by inserting the installation disk. I already have a repair disk that I made prior to the SP 1 upgrade. Can I use my old repair disk with SP 1. I also don't understand why the files can't be found. MSI 785 GM board with 8 gig DDR 3 memory. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I do not believe there will be any changes to the system repair disk because of SP1. The repair disk has the files necessary to boot your PC. You could always stick in the repair disk and try it. If your PC boots and allows you to access Backup and Restore then you are all set.
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