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    Ok, this is just too coincidental. This morning I received this reply to post in my e-mail, and also this morning when I turned on my laptop. I got the attched screen shot on my desktop. I have a Maxtor III external hard drive that is plugged into one of my USB ports on the computer. Anyone seen this before? The External hard drive is working fine too..

    Thanks John
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    Quote Originally Posted by sybozz View Post
    If you are using Windows 7, then nothing to worry about the password protection of USB or other removal drives. Because Windows 7 has a built-in feature named BitLocker. This BitLocker tool will allow you to encrypt your whole USB drives, not the folders, perfectly and effectively. You can see the see step by step procedure @ How to password protect USB drive

    Best of luck!

    BitLocker is not included in all versions of Win7.

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    The USB speed message is not unusual on Windows. You can safely ignore it.

    cheers, Paul

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    U3 launchpad

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkGuy12 View Post
    Anyone know of software that can password protect ACCESS to a USB drive. I don't mean programs like Trucrypt or Safehouse, which encrypt the files on a USB. If I understand their operation correctly, if you lose the USB drive, someone who finds it can still open the drive in an explorer window and delete the encryption executable and the encrypted folder. So you lose the software and the drive.

    I'm thinking of SW that used to come with Cruzer Sandisk, the U3 interface. Simple, elegant system. Anytime you inserted the USB drive, U3 prompted you for a password. You couldn't access the drive from Windows Explorer unless you entered the password first.

    Unfortunately, Sandisk has gone bonkers (in my opinion) and dropped the U3 software in favor of a complicated encryption type program. All new Cruzers come without U3 and the famniliar desktop icon.

    I'm not interested in a high priced hardware encryption package.

    Any thoughts?
    I'm surprised you didn't go to SanDisk first and check out what they provided to users who still like the U3 system. Many users must have complained b/c SanDisk has a webpage on their site where you can download the U3 Launchpad for free, and then set it up the same as any other software.

    The only downsides: some of the extra software programs that were preloaded (like the Skype, Avast Antivirus, and so on) are gone, and sometimes the computer won't automatically start U3 but all you have to do is hit enter when the dialog box pops up or go into the computer drive and double-click on the U3 launchpad.

    Everything you need from loading the launchpad to tech support to removing the launch pad is right there on the webpage.
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