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    Data show Filter for Multiple Criteria

    Dear Friend,

    I am having product details with 150+ record i want to summaries it is in summary sheet details as following

    Work is being executed at different locations the same product is manufacture in all location but with different product no
    For each day product survey report is generated with consecutive serial no of that particular area. Report No, Date , Bill no May be the same for for different location but product no will be different. eg . Nerul & Sanpada may have same report no but product no will be always different.
    Here is one more report generated for further activities of a particular product no. which is necessary part of the bill
    Since one report contains many product no and it is not always claimed in single bill hence bill no against particular product code may be different against these two different reports also report no may be repeated in different bill nos
    Data is entered in a single sheet for all products and for all different locations.

    Desired Output
    It is desired to get the details of the product by selecting below parameters
    REPORT Name
    Bill No ( Pertains to report name selected)

    Details desired to out come
    1 Report No Date Total Product

    2. Product No Report No

    No, of Product No of product of that particular report

    Total No. Product : Total No. of Product of that particular invoice.

    Kindly suggest how to do it proper manner

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    Not sure exactly what you want. Can you elaborate on the details? It seems to me that a pivot table may be the way to do it, though it would be a different format.


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