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    duplicate display with projector

    On a Toshiba laptop upgraded to Win 7 32 bit and using a Viewsonic projector, I can't get the duplicate display to work. If I have the projector on and connected (VGA) and then boot the computer it will find the projector and display on both. I can't get it to find the projector when I connect it with the booted computer. I just get the searching display on the projector and normal operation on the laptop screen.

    Once running, I can't get MS PowerPoint to work with the projector for Presentation mode where the script is on the laptop only. No matter how I configure the display settings, I get both displays with the script and notes or both without the scripts and notes. I have checked the MS Win 7 compatibility page and they say no new drivers are needed for the projector and Plug n Play will work. The newest drivers on the Viewsonic page are for XP. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Do you have updated drivers for your graphics card?
    In your Toshiba, if you cycle through Fn+F5, doesn't the display change to a point where you have your laptop screen duplicated on the projector?

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