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    Question Excel 2003 Multiple Line Entries

    I have a spreadsheet that utilizes 78 columns of info - it is a customer data base and I need to enter a second line for each customer that only will use approx 30 columns of data

    My problem is that I frequently need to sort by data that is only located in line one with no data in line two
    I have manually typed this info into the columns so that it will sort correctly but I can only assume that there is an easier way

    Maybe like joining the two lines some how so that when I sort the worksheet line two for each customer moves in conjunction with line 1
    Maybe there is some way to make those empty cells only default to the entry above - not sure

    I am a self taught Excel user so not as well versed with Excel as I am with Word - recently found the data form and thought that might be helpful when doing the data entry but it only works for 32 columns I also searched the forums for the above title but did not find anything

    All info suggestions are appreciated


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    I am not sure exactly the setup and what you want it to do. Could you provide a sample file with perhaps 10 and 5 columns to represent the 78 and 30 columns and elaborate on what you need...


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    I`m not sure you could set up an effective DB using two rows per record. I assume you are considering a second row to avoid horizontal scrolling?
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