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    forward all mails to 1 address

    Hi guys,
    I've got few email address in yahoo, genie, hotmail and lycos.
    Is there anyway I could get all these mails in one address? if so how? I know I could use POP mail but it never works for me. PLEASE tell me how.

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    Re: forward all mails to 1 address

    (1) If the individual providers allow you to check with a POP client, such as Outlook or Outlook Express, that might be easiest. Follow their specific individual instructions on how to do this.

    (2) If not, one or more of the providers might have the option to forward your messages to another mailbox. If so, follow their instructions. Bear in mind that due to mailbox size limits, you might have to check and delete messages frequently on the destination.

    (3) If not, then no.

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