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    In a earlier installation of Windows 7 (dual booted with Windows XP) SP! was listed in Windows 7 Update and this was installed with, I would add, none of the difficulties that others have experienced However in this respect perhaps I spoke to soon.
    Subsequently as a consequence of my endeavours to remove Windows XP I ran in to difficulties which ultimately prompted the need to re-instal Windows 7. Having done this Wimdows 7 Update now indicates that some 87 Security and other update files etc which need to be installed butd in this instance SP1 is was not listed as one of them. Haveing under the Update set it to automatically download and instal these updates I found that whilst the files in question were downloaded thre was a failure to instal them. This failure was repeated on several occasions whenever I sought to leave Windows Upldate to download and instal the files, whether automatically or manually.
    Based on my earlier experience at this point it seemed that there was a better prospect of updating Windows using the consolidated SPI file rather than relying on 87 files being successfully downloaded and installed
    In the absence of SP1 being listed on my installation I downloaded a copy of SP1 from the Microsoft Download Centre This ook some 27 minutes and on first running the file a screen message indicated that it might take upward of an hour to instal. However within a minute os starting a further screen message indicated that the file was corruprt. A second attempt following a further download had the same result In both instances my anti -virus program had been disabled
    On the third download all went well for perhaps some 30 minutes which was encourasging onlty then to result in the same corrupt file screen message.
    Having made three ateempts, all unsuccesfull, where do I go from here to get an updated Windows installation.?
    Any suggestions would be welcome run

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    Try downloading Win 7 with SP1 fro the MS download provider at Digital River (I had to use Chrome as IE would not connect) The servers were VERY SLOW as the site appears very busy. This will install Win 7 with Sp1. Just use your original key.

    The downloaded file can be burned to DVD, essentially giving you a Win 7 installation disk with SP1 included. This would be similar to you taking an original Win 7 DVD and slipstreaming SP1 into it.
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    If you need to you can order a Windows 7 SP1 DVD from Microsoft. There is a shipping charge. See Windows 7 SP1 physical media ordering.


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