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Thread: Update this!!!

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    Update this!!!

    I know I mentioned this before but here it is another bunch of updates and I have been trying to install them for three days now.
    Some of them installed but the others failed...

    Even an update for a Microsoft keyboard failed..

    It take me DAYS to install updates...

    I don't have this problem, on my XP drive, only on W7 and I have had the problem for a long time now..

    I mean, what's with this?

    The last time I brought it up the issue was never resolved but maybe now some ideas will crop up on how to solve this problem..

    I have an old pair of sandals I was gonna put on Ebay but decided to offer them up here for the right solution to my problem...

    Thanks Guys..
    "If You Are Reading This In English, Thank A VET"

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