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    Keep my child safe

    One day my neighbor told me that teens like to share send nude or semi-nude pictures by their cell phones. I worry about my boy would do the same thing so I am considering to install a program to monitor him, but I don’t know if it is useful or not. does anyone use some mobile spy software before? By the way ,my son is using htc g7 with android system.
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    Are you seriously suggesting that you can out-techologise a teenager?!
    Surely a far better approach is to actually talk to him about the matter...

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    I agree with BATcher.

    Sexting as it's known is a prevalent issue for teenagers. However, if it were not for the mobile phone, it might be smutty magazines, or Polaroids. I'm not saying that your teenage son would engage in any of that, but it is part of healthy growing up to have an inquiring mind and to find one's own self. The trouble is, when it becomes inappropriate and even menacing.

    With teenage children of my own, and recalling my formative years, I am very much of the "talk to your kids" school.

    If a teenager thinks they are being spied upon or heavily controlled they may well take their activities underground where one can't guide their behaviours and help them understand the consequences of any actions they take.

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    A well motivated teen, you will find, will get around just about anything you could possibly put in place.
    I agree with the above, but the simplest way to see where he's been would be to examine your brouser's index.dat files.
    ...That is, if he is not savvy enough to wipe them.

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    Respect and communication is far better than spying, but you need to do your part
    in protecting him. After all he still is a child and inquisitive.

    You could discuss with him what is expected of him as teens want to do the right thing
    but don't always know what it is or need reminders, many of them.
    You can talk about the consequences. Digging up some of the articles about prosecuting
    teens as sex offenders for sexting would be eye opening.

    Teens also need an escape from not going along with the crowd and blaming mom is a good one.
    It allows them to save face and an excuse not to follow through on activities.

    With that in mind, go ahead and setup monitoring software but let him know and make him
    part of the decision on what to weed out and what to allow. Be sure you monitor it regularly
    for hacking with him there. Less chance of him and friends fooling with it.
    Do it all transparently so that they all know.

    A program you could try is here
    or search for similar. You can make it harder for him but ultimately the final decision is his.
    Good luck

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