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    Quote Originally Posted by haviruzz View Post
    I'll weigh in with you too. I am running FF8-64 Bit right now and I also run FF6, the latter because FF8 ghosts a couple of addons that I use daily. I also ran FF7Beta but discarded it for the same reason: addons not yet compatible. In allcases, profile settings are retained.


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    Firefox betas were never designed to be compatible with current or past add-ons. That is one of the many disadvantages of being a beta user.

    Firefox can render add-ons or entire profiles into useless garbage when doing version upgrades. Mozilla's support forums are full of reports of experiences at least as frequent and troublesome as mine. When making major changes to Firefox, use MozBackup to back up the Firefox profile to an external drive or Flash Drive while the upgrade is taking place. That way, if anything goes South, you can restore from one location quickly. MozBackup is a free utility, and it can be used as a portable app. It never hurts to be prepared.

    Be advised, however, that MozBackup does not yet claim to be compatible with Firefox beta versions above the current stable release of Firefox 6.
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