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    Opening multiple documents from Windows Explorer

    I'm using Word 2010. With Word running, I select, for example, 5 docx documents in Windows Explorer, right-click and choose Open. Typically the 1st of the 5 opens in the current instance of Word, and then 3 or 4 other instances of Word open for the other 4 documents. I see Word's splash screen each time a new instance starts. This doesn't always happen, and it's more likely to occur if I'm right-clicking to open a group of dotm templates.

    Is this expected behavior for Word 2010? I don't recall this happening with previous versions. It's definitely not what I expect.

    Richard Barrett

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    Could it be a DDE setting? In Word 2003 on Windows XP, it was easy to check the registry settings for DDE vs. no DDE using the File Types dialog (Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > File Types). Not sure how to check on newer versions of Windows.

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