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    2003 Design templates (differently coloured title page)

    This is specifically for PowerPoint *2003*.

    One PP2003 template which has 6 different themes (for a lack of a better word). Basically, each them has differently coloured title page, bullets and background for page number of normal slides. Not other fancy changes - just those three. So for example, one theme is green where part of the title page is green, bullets are green & the backdrop to page number in normal slides is green. It can 1 to 6 different themes.

    So. I go into the 'Slide Design', ''Browse' and pick up each of the six different themes (separate PPT files). The problem is they all look the same on the right-hand side. Is there any way of showing the differences in each design front cover, i.e. green, blue, orange, lime green, yellow and mauve? This would solve a lot of my problem here. I also looked a the 'Colour themes' but I can create one based on my design/template & it is not easy to change according to my template. An malgamated image added to show what I mean.
    Hope, someone has an idea how to solve this. This would be a feather in my cap.

    Not including two logos (top left and bottom right) then Windows creates a proper thumbnail image. Even everything as an image (i.e. logos, background, two triangles as a single png file) still doen't show the thumbnail correctly. See the image below. But, I need to include those logos in my presentation.

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    Could you attach a .ppt file with the themes and separately attach one of the logos so we can play around with them?
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