Hi, I need to buy a new monitor and would like a 24 inch monitor. Almost all high definition monitors now seem to come in 16:9 aspect ratio and some even imply (Benq site) avoid the 16:10 to avoid the horizontal black bars on the screen - or the distortion of quality in order to 'stretch' the image to full screen . I suspect they are referring to watching movies. Although I may well watch movies I am mostly going to use it for Office use and would like to view documents side by side as well as turn the monitor 90 degrees for easy reading of webpages and A4 documents without having scroll etc.

Can anyone recommend a good quality monitor with a high res and fast refresh rate (for the occasional game) that will not break the budget? Ideally around the 250 mark.

Equally, any make of monitor to avoid due to quality?

Thanks in advance.