I am running Win 7 Professional 64 bit.
I have used the Win 7 Backup app weekly since getting the machine in February 2011. I run an Image backup once per week. I have verified that the backup folders and files are being created with the appropriate dates and times. I backup to a 250GB USB drive.

My question is why is the Last Backup date in the app window always set to "Never"?

I looked on the web and found a number of references to this same question but I never found a solution or an answer.

Following each backup the logfile always has the same three filenames listed as not being found and not backed up.

These files do not exist on my machine.

My search of the web said these files are only present if you have certain software installed. Apparently the error message can be ignored. I only mention it because it is an apparent "error" type of completion that could possibly affect the Last Backup date.

Is there an answer to why the date is being set to "Never"?
Is the date supposed to be retreived from the last backup file properties and populated to the screen?
Is this any cause for concern?