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    Windows Backkupp fails 0x8078002A

    I am having difficulty with Windows Backup. I have just added a Buffalo USB hard drive to my machine but Windows 7 Ultimate cannot backup to it.

    The device is a HD-LBU3 3TB USB 3.0 support. After installation, which was successful, I am able to write to the drive and read what has been written.

    Windows backup fails however with the error 0x8078002A.

    Searching on this code I find that there are a number of references to the fact that the 4K physical sector is not supported. If that were completely correct I would not be able to read or write to the drive. There is also talk about the formatting of the drive as "Advanced Format" which I think means 4k physical sectors with 512 bytes logical sectors. This is supposed to be supported but I cannot find out how to do this formatting. Right clicking the drive in the computer display shows a format option but when selected none of the formats are 4k/512.

    Can anyone help?

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    Have you by any chance tried a 3rd party Backup/Imaging app such as Acronis True Image Home or Macrium Reflect? I'm wondering if your problem is more related to the shortcomings of Win 7 Backup and Restore rather than the HD formating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacNala View Post
    I am having difficulty with Windows Backup. I have just added a Buffalo USB hard drive to my machine but Windows 7 Ultimate cannot backup to it.
    Hello... My search resulted in a "Dead end" as well.. I would try a few things

    1. Try a 3rd party software Macrium Reflect Free Macrium Free and make an Image of your new drive ( just as a try ) If it works and you can "Verify" the Image and (Mount) it to see if your data is all there. If your not sure about running Macrium post back.

    2. If that works Using Windows, format the new HD (again ) Then look at disk management to make sure it has a "Drive letter" if not assign one.

    3. Try "Windows Backup" again, and see what happens
    Regards Fred

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    If this is similar to what people have experienced with large Western Digital drives a physical 4k sector will work fine. It is the logical 4K sector sizes that cause an issue. The recommendation for WD drives is to use the WD quick format tool. Does Buffalo supply a format tool as WD does?


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