I am running Windows 7 Professional (x64) on a laptop with 8 GB memory, with a Windows XP virtual session open (assigned 3 GB memory), with an external monitor as a second display. I have no problem switching back and forth between the two environments, except under the following conditions:

- Windows XP is maximized on one of the displays, and is the active window

- Excel (Office 2007) is on the other display, and I'm trying to switch to it

It is not unusual for me to have to click the Excel window seven or eight times before it gains the focus. If the task bar is visible and I click on Excel there, it switches immediately.

Has anyone else experienced this? No other MS Office applications give this problem, nor does IE or any of the other 3rd-party applications I typically run. I can live with it, but when XP is maximized on one screen and Excel is maximized on the other, it can be a pain.

Dana J.