I am a desktop support tech in a very large corporate environment and one of the most problem programs is outlook. So here is my soluition to most of the outlook issues I come across

Remember, this is an enterprise environment and exchange users are pushed back their email automatically. That means that if you use outlook on a pop server, you will need to set that back up again. Most setup data is retained here as we are not creating a profile, we are simply making outlook grab new copies of mail and reload it's settings from registry. But this most often resolves things like outlook not opening, calendar appointments not working right locally but showing correctly on the server side etc

My "90 percenter" Outlook Fix:

In XP, Go to the profiles under Documents and Settings. In Windows 7, you will need to find the equivalent paths for the files

Go to C:\documents and settings \lagreene\Application Data\Microsoft
for window 7 C:\Users\lagreene\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft

go to the Outlook Folder , move the "outlook folder" to somewhere else like the desktop.

NOTE: This folder will be rebuilt by Outlook, but you will need to copy back the old .NK2 file so that the clients auto complete for email addresses with be restored.

Go to the "office" folder and delete the MSOUT*.pip file Windows 7 path C:\Users\lagreene\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office

Go to C:\documents and settings \lagreene\Application Data templates folder and delete the "Normal.dot" file There may also be files like ~mail.dot Delete those too. Leave all others alone.

Windows 7 path C:\Users\lagreene\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templa tes

Then go to documents and settings\lagreene\ Local Settings\Microsoft\outlook and delete the extend.dat and everything else other than the PSTs
Windows 7 path C:\Users\lagreene\AppData\Local\Microsoft

Then go to documents and settings\lagreene\ Local Settings\Microsoft\Form and delete FRMCACHE.DAT
Windows 7 path: C:\Users\lagreene\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FORMS

Then re-open outlook, all the account info should be retained but most personal settings will be set back do default. The Offline address book should re-download

After you are finished, go back to the spot listed below. Close outlook and copy the NK2 file from the OLD outlook directory into the new Make sure it has the identical name of the new NK2 file. This will restore the client’