I just got an HP Pavilion dm1 netbook, which runs Windows 7 Home Premium. It also came with HP Quickweb, which I believe is their version of Splashtop. On the dm1, if the power is off and I press f5, Quickweb starts in a few seconds, and I have a desktop with some widgets and a link to start a browser. The widgets show things like the local weather and top news, and work fine when I connect to my wifi. When I click on one of the shortcuts to a web site or open the browser and type an address, like google.com, I get Server Not Found. If I type the IP address, then the site is found and displayed.

If I connect using a wired connection to my router, then there is an additional option in the setup, to manually set the IP address, DNS server, etc. I chose that manual option, and entered the same entries for IP address, etc, but used the DNS address that my ISP (Sonic.net) said was their DNS server, and the browser works fine. But this manual option is not available for WIFI.

I went to a neighbor's house, and connected to their WIFI using AT&T UVerse, and all works fine. I tried another router to my ISP with the same results. So I conclude that there is a software problem in the browser that is preventing it from finding the DNS entries when connected to my ISP but seems OK on at least one other ISP.

I called HP about this, and they basically said sorry, it must be your ISP. I called my ISP and they said sorry, it must be your computer's software.

Any ideas how to get this browser working on HP Quickweb, short of changing ISPs?