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    Post WMP 11 and Album Art

    I've had a problem with Windows Media Player 11 for some time now and am hoping you can help.

    On just a few tracks the album art is duplicated across several different, apparently unconnected, tracks and all attempts to edit the tracks so that the artwork can be individually updated fail. So, as an example, I have the Bon Jovi album cover on a track by the Eurythmics, another track by the Animals and yet another by Enya. etc. etc. and a change to one is replicated across them all. Most annoying.
    • I have tried deleting and rebuilding WMP's database as recommended in ZachD's excellent WMP FAQ.
    • I have tried editing the file meta-data and tags with Keve Tollers Tag Clinic and also AV Album Art Fixer - I can recommend both programs wholeheartedly - but neither fixed my problem.
    • As some fixes such as the built in paste function seem to work but revert as soon as you close and relaunch WMP, I've tried disabling any updating - with no luck.

    All the best
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    Hi Perry, If you right click thumbnail, open file location, this is where the jpg should be for that album. If incorrect in WMP, insert correct one then right click and paste in to thumbnail.
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