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    Removing Facebook or Google+ accounts

    I've created a trial account with both Facebook and Google+. Recently I read somewhere (Windows Secrets Newsletter?) about unsubscribing or deleting accounts on these two social networking sites. My senior memory failed me and I need some guidance. If anyone knows where to find that information, I'd like to hear about it. I'm a real novice when it comes to social networking.

    The trial accounts were meant to look at the possibility of using a Facebook or Google+ for out local Computer Club. We already have a web site, but we thought that Facebook or Google+ accounts might expand our capabilities - another way to communicate with our members or others interested in joining our club. I found the creation of an account at either site is geared toward individuals. I know that many commercial businesses as well as non-profit organizations are now using social networking using one or more social networking sites. I'd be interested in knowing how to set up an account for our computer club. If anyone can help me out on how to approach this, it would be welcome. If organizations are required to pay fees, that would be a deterent.

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    DonP, Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster.

    Sign on to your Facebook account. Account link in upper right hand corner of home page. Security link on left side of page. Deactivate account at bottom of list.
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    Hi Don,

    I just searched Facebook's help pages for Groups and found this:

    How are pages different from Groups? Which one should I create?

    Pages allow real organizations, businesses, celebrities and brands to communicate broadly with people who like them. Pages may only be created and managed by official representatives.

    Groups provide a closed space for small groups of people to communicate about shared interests. Groups can be created by anyone.

    Other differences include:

    ■Privacy: Page information and posts are public and generally available to everyone on Facebook.

    ■Audience: Anyone can like a Page to become connected with it and get News Feed updates. There is no limit to how many people can like a Page.

    ■Communication: Page admins can share posts under the Page’s name. Page posts appear in the News Feed of people who like the Page. Page admins can also create customized tabs for their Pages and check Page Insights to track the Page’s growth and activity.

    ■Privacy: In addition to an open setting, more privacy settings are available for groups. In secret and closed groups, posts are only visible to group members.

    ■Audience: Group members must be approved or added by other members. When a group reaches a certain size, some features are limited. The most useful groups tend to be the ones you create with small groups of people you know.

    ■Communication: In groups, members receive notifications by default when any member posts in the group. Group members can participate in chats, upload photos to shared albums, collaborate on group docs, and invite all members to group events.

    Depending on your needs, you can create a Page or select "Create Group" on the left side of your home page.

    My note: After you log on to Facebook, click the Home tab and you will see Create a Group in the left hand menu. Or if you want to create a Page, here is the link

    Hope that helps?

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