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    Acess 2K & Ole Server (A2k, NT4, Office 2K)

    Hi team
    An Access report with an embedded Word document lost the 'communications with the OLE Server'

    Repairing Office 2k made no difference
    Reinstalling Office 2k ditto
    Reregistering Word, ditto (Apparently Word reregisters each time it starts anyway)
    However it was still possible to link & embed between word documents and MS Graph. I thought that if the registry was screwed then this should have collapsed. (Apparently not)

    I then rebuilt the offending report but this time linking the Word document rather than embedding. I was not hopeful but surprise

    the thing works fine for now. I have not touched the registry.

    The problem seemed to go with the report from an NT workstation machine to W2k machine but just for fun the same report on Windows ME machine seemed fine.

    I see from other threads that confusion is rampant on this topic. Redmond seem to be as confudded as the rest of us poor plebs.
    If anyone can shed further light on this I would be grateful.
    For now the work around has worked. The Word doc is less than an A4 page long and is only text.
    Cheers & thanks

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    Re: Acess 2K & Ole Server (A2k, NT4, Office 2K)

    We have seen a number of problems with printing when you are running Access reports on NT - especially on Service Pack 4 and up. Print them on 98 or ME and everything works fine. Good to know your workaround of linking instead of embedding worked - we may need it one of these days.

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