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    Windows 7 has vanished

    You may have trouble believing this, but the ENTIRE WINDOWS FOLDER on the hard drive has vanished. I've been using my machine as usual although am having some bad problems, such as not being able to download/install since Windows Installer is also gone. I guess that's part of the Windows.system 32 stuff that disappeared.
    I have a bad feeling I'll have to reinstall Win 7. How in the world could something like this happen? I have the old Windows folder from XP on the drive but no Win 7. Fortunately, I obsess over backing up and have Carbonite, Acronis True Image, Windows BU and everything on Seagate external drives. Many thanks for your ideas. ec

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    You have described several isuses and it's difficult to see a reliable way through that maze without reverting to your image backups.

    I do wonder however, if it's not something as simple as having accidentally set the hidden attribute on the Windows directory. Go to the Start Button, in the Search Programs and Files box, enter "Folder Option" without the quotes and hit Enter. Select the View tab in the window that appears. In the advanced settings windows, set Show Hidden Files and click apply.

    If that doesn't resolve it, and given the other issues you describe, I think it might be easier to revert to your backups, it's what they are for!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellenc View Post
    You may have trouble believing this, but the ENTIRE WINDOWS FOLDER on the hard drive has vanished.
    Hello... Just to be on the "safe side" if you haven't already download and run "Malwarebytes Free" Malwarebytes also if you have a restore point you may want to try that first , before doing a full recovery. Regards Fred

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    With Acronis you could have your system back to where it was in less than 10 minutes. The only caveat is that it will only go back to where you were when the Image was created. This is why I always create a new Image when my system changes. Any changes you have made since the last Image will have to be done again.

    Once you have performed the operations Tinto and Fred mention above, just restore from your Image if the problem is still present. That's why we Image.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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