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    Unsolicited disk activity

    One of my hard drives is having very heavy activity. According to Control Panel's resource monitor, most of the reads are in Msmpeng.esc which is evidently the Microsoft Security Essentials app. It was set to run at 2 AM today, but I just turned on the computer at 8 PM. There is heavy write activity in wmpnetwk.exe, Searchprotocol.exe and System.

    I just set up a home network and this may have something to do with some of this activity. I would like to know how to control these background processes so I can have the full use of the computer. I think that I know how to control the security app, but the others? Thanks...

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    wmpnetwk.exe is the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Serivce. If you are sharing media across your network via native Windows 7 / WMP, you may want this. If not, turn off the service. See this page for more info.

    Regarding SearchProtocol.exe, that's probably Windows' indexing service. I hate it, personally. Read through this article and turn off indexing for each of your HDD partitions. I love the free search tool Agent Ransack and use it for all my searching needs. MUCH faster and better than Windows indexing.

    Regarding System services, that could be any number of things. You'll want to get Process Explorer and dive into that. If it's not persistent, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    Hope this helps.

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