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Thread: Which Windows

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    Which Windows

    I am running Win ME and am not happy with it. I can't go to Win 2K without a format and original install. So, what to do? My conclusion is to upgrade to Win XP Home. However, I want some type of remote access. In addition, I use Net Meeting with the 3Com Home Connect video cam regularly. Finally, I have my wife's computer connected to mine via a cross-over cable. Should I get XP Home or Pro? My CPU is a PIII overclocked to 504 Mhz. Memory and HD space are good.

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    Re: Which Windows

    Your conclusion seems good. WinXP Home generally is a good upgrade for WinME, and WinXP Pro - for Win2k.

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    Re: Which Windows

    This <A target="_blank" HREF=>article</A> fully describes the differences between XP Home and Professional.

    Home will give you a cleaner out of the box experience, but, is definitely limited for power and business users.

    The decision to upgrade to WXP instead of W2K is almost a no-brainer.

    In the stores tomorrow (25Oct).

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