My partner's wife sends him a Hallmark card every day. They arrive as an e-mail attachment in video format with extension .avi

He has been opening these for ages, but can no longer do so (as of today!). He can open an avi file saved on his desktop, and view it, so that is not the problem.

When he wants to open the avi file he is prevented from doing so:
  • double click to open does nothing
  • save as results in a dialog box that tells him he does not have permissions to the folder he wants to save it in (before prompting him for the folder).
  • right click on the attachment and copy results in nothing being pasted - anywhere!

This applies only to .avi files - all other attachments work just fine!

I guess this might be a new security that MS has installed in Outlook, because it is just the avi files that no longer work. How does one access the list of "blocked files" under Outlook 2010?

I might be totally wrong - has anyone else had the same problem?

Could someone help us out please?