I have one folder with multiple subfolders with all my more private documents that I want to share between two Windows 7 PCs, one using Home Premium and one Professional. The folders are physcially on the PC runnign Professional. I want this shared forlder to be accessible only to my account.

On both PCs I have created accounts with the same user name and password. I've tried using Homegroups and the old fashioned way with going to the folder's properties, messing with all sorts of advanced access settings, taking ownership of the folder and all the subfilders and files but the bottom line is I keep getting an access denied error.

If I make the folder sharable to Everyone (read or read/write access it doesn't matter) it works fine. If I try to restrict access to just my account I can see the folder in the Homegroup on the PC where it isn't physically located, the Home Premium PC, but when I try to open it I get the "Access Denied" error message.

Anyone have any ideas of what Else I should be checking/adjusting?

Thanks in advance,
Bob S.