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    Help not responding normally w/SR-1 (2000/SR-1 on Win2K)

    I recently moved from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 and when I installed Office 2000 I installed the SR-1 patch for the first time. Since that time, I have a problem with help; it is particularly noticeable in the VB Editor, but I think it recurs throughout Office. When I press F1, I get an hourglass for 10-15 seconds, but no help window. If I press F1 again, the help window appears on the toolbar, but it is behind the application window. Occasionally it will pop up after a few second, but usually I have to go to it.

    I can't imagine any good reason for this, and searches in the knowledge base have been frustrating (the words slow, slowly, delay, help, etc. appear in lots of articles). Any ideas?

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    Re: Help not responding normally w/SR-1 (2000/SR-1 on Win2K)

    Just guessing - is everything OK with your language versions? Office help files are in language folders ( Microsoft OfficeOffice1033 for US English etc.) Try repair Office installation also (Help | Detect and Repair), if you didn't do it yet.

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