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    Mysterious horizontal rule on every page of a document

    I'm finishing up a document in Word 2003 (Windows) that I have to deliver in a day or so. While I was fixing the page numbering, a horizontal rule appeared across the bottom of every page. It's in the footing area, but as far as I can tell it's not part of the footing; if it were, I think it would stop at the left and right page margins, but instead it goes from edge to edge. Nor can I find any element in the footing that defines a border that might account for it.

    I'm baffled. I've been using Word 2003 since it was new, and I've never seen anything like this before. Who knows where the rule came from, and how to make it go back there?

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    If it is on every page, it is in the footer (or header) or possibly a background. In a copy of your document try going into the header and footer, using Ctrl-A to select all, and delete. See whether that fixes your line problem. If it does, go back to your original doc and search the formatting of each paragraph.
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    I often place a border on the top paragraph of a footer, so that would be my first guess.

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    It may be an object (line, graphic, etc.). A less drastic method than deleting everything in your header/footers would be to use the object selector (left-pointing arrow in the drawing tools): show a full page and turn on the view of header/footers, then use the object selector to "paint" a rectangle over the entire page (including the line). Any object will be selected, and you can delete it. This won't delete the rest of your header/footer content.

    Depending on your options settings, objects may be created unintentionally. Typing three hyphens at the beginning of a line can create a line; three equal signs makes a double line, etc. Turn this behaviour off with Tools | AutoFormat's "AutoFormat As You Type" tab: deselect the Border Lines check box.

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