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    Install & Register OCX File (Access 2000)

    Does anyone know a better way to find the system folder and copy an ocx file to it and then register it, than the following way?

    Check references for missing ocx
    Copy file to C:WindowsSystem or C:WinNTSystem32
    shell and run regsvr32 /s file.ocx


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    Re: Install & Register OCX File (Access 2000)

    We have automated this to a considerable degree, but it's not for the faint of heart, especially if you are running Win 2000 or XP. We actually define the references a given application will need, and then at install time we do an update of components based on whether or not the given component is current. We do this for both VB apps and Access front-ends to SQL Server. It took considerable development, but has made the deployment task for 30 or so applications much simpler. Hope this is useful.

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