I recently upgraded my PC to WinXP from Win 98Se. I have a Dual PIII 500Mhz with 512MB RAM and 2 HDD's (1 x scsi and 1 x IDE). I use the scsi drive as the c: drive (set in the bios boot sequence). I started the upgrade, and all went well until it did the first restart. It would seem (in my humble opinion)the install decided to reset the boot sequence of the drives, so the IDE became the first boot device. Of course the installation went to pot from there on in. I found the problem and reset the bios. It did not help much though, because the command com etc.. was no longer there. I solved the problem in the end by "SYS"ing the drive from dos. The upgrade then continued without a hitch. Anybody else experience something similar? Added to all this, half my games won't work. Some start fine, but don't work properly eg: Age of Empires II - game works fine until you try to attack someone. It won't allow you to attack, and it won't allow you to change the "diplomacy" setting to enemy. Comments will be greatly appreciated.