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    Post I need help on Opera 11.0 not updating flash player

    I have firefox 3.6 and opera 11.5. I was checking my flash players and adobe said to upgrade them because of a flaw. I downloaded using firefox. I saved it to a file and then clicked on the flash player. Firefox upgraded fine to version However opera did not. So I went up and downloaded the new flash player with opera, and again it didn't work. I checked the web and and it said you need administive rights or you have to extract it? I do have admistrative rights. Ok it's not looking like i'm going to get it solved here and I also posted on the adobe forums and was told to go to a opera foums. There's only one and it is hit or miss. Any ideas where else i can post. it is more complex than i have posted. If it was a firefox, internet explorer, or google chrome i'd be fine but because it's opera the support is lacking. Thanks
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    the "plugin" edition of flash player should work just fine with both firefox and opera 11.
    if not try copying the flashplayer.xpt & npswf32.dll files from the \Windows\system32\macromed\flash\ folder into the \Program Files\Opera\program\plugins\ folder. then restart Opera and test the Flash Player on this Adobe site.

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