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    Word: Still w/forms - ActiveX controls don't let me jump between fields

    Hi all,

    Word 2007 & 2003

    I am still on forms...
    I gave up on legacy forms and on Content controls.
    I placed some ActiveX textbox controls on my document.

    I do not not protect the document. I don't want to.

    I catch the _LostFocus event and do some processing for each field when the user leaves each one of the ActiveX fields.

    In principle all the logic works. However, I can't use the Tab key and arrow keys to jump between ActiveX controls that are adjacent on the document.

    From the Properties pane for the ActiveX controls it seems that there should be a 'tabbing' feature, but it does not work for me.




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    As far as I know, the ActiveX textbox control doesn't support jumping from control to control by use of the tab key.
    The 'TabKeyBehavior' setting you're seeing in the Properties pane only controls whether you can enter a 'tab' inside one of these textboxes - it doesn't control jumping from one textbox to the next.

    It might be possible to write code to force the focus from one textbox to the next, but I don't know, have never tried nor needed to.

    If you want to easily jump from formfield to formfield, you should use the legacy formfield controls and protect the document.


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    I've done something similar by binding, for example, the F12 key so that it moves focus from control to control, in whatever order I specify in my code. This of course is done on a template-by-template basis. I determine the control where the cursor is currently, and then go to the control that follows in my intended order. If the cursor is not in a control, I go to the first control or whatever else suits me.

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