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    Quote Originally Posted by squire View Post
    Yes I contacted their tech support and had a merry go round with try this, ooops, then try this. Then when something appeared to work they wanted logs of everything on my computer. SORRY, that ain't gonna happen. I have sensitive customer documents that I am intrusted with and I'm not about to jeopardize that for a stupid program which I am more and more believing, I DON"T NEED. Thanks for your concern and suggestion, but at this point, like I said, it ain't worth the aggravation.
    Wow, It worked so simply for me. Sorry to hear of your troubles. You might have said earlier, but I don't remember, are you using the free or Pro version?

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    Just for the record, there is no incompatibility between Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Free on Windows XP Professional SP3 in my experience with this combination. There must be some other cause of this issue. And if the hard drive was wiped and Win XP Pro SP3 was reinstalled with all current Microsoft Updates, there would be no malware present at that time. Let alone after wiping the drive six times!

    I run Windows XP Professional SP3 on a Pentium 4-M laptop (not a very modern computer). The Windows was originally OEM, but I have completely overhauled many of its drivers. I had already been running Malwarebytes Free before installing Microsoft Security Essentials. I have never had a problem installing or running Malwarebytes Free alongside MSE (Version 2).

    So I cannot agree that malware is blocking the operation or installation of Malwarebytes on this computer (in this thread). And I cannot agree that Malwarebytes is conflicting with MSE-2 on this computer. Which leaves the possibility that the Windows version on the computer may be OEM (modified). Or that some driver or hardware setting is blocking the installation of Malwarebytes (not likely). With no third-party firewall present, these are the only two other possibilities which come to mind.

    Beyond these possibilities, I do not understand why Malwarebytes would not install and update and run on a Windows XP Professional SP3 computer with MSE installed.
    -- Bob Primak --

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