First time I've posted here, but I do visit occasionally. I have a problem with my Dell laptop running Win7 Home Premium 32 bit version. This is the upgrade version.

The problem appeared about a year and a half ago, then resolved itself in some way I never knew. Now, it has appeared again startng a couple of months ago.

This is the problem: When the cursor hovers over any menu entry, picture, jpeg embedded in a webpage, in short, anything that has the info tag that pops up for a bit, the tag appears for less than a second - not enough time to read the info. This also happens with open programs on the task bar and if you aren't quick enough to click on the mini-version of the open program, it disappears which makes for some very tense moments trying to decide whether or not to throw the laptop against the wall. I think there might be a tweak somewhere to adjust the time these tags appear, but I can't find it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks - Stan