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    Upgrading RAID 1

    I have had a failure of one of a pair of Crucial 64Gb SSD's in a RAID 1 configuration so (having received a credit from Crucial) I have bought 2 x 128Gb Crucial M4 SSD's - what is the best way of replacing my remaining 64Gb SSD C: boot drive with the two new SSD's - while maintaining the RAID 1 configuration?

    This RAID is a hardware RAID in a 64bit system and in Windows 7 disc management it appears that all the drives are 'basic' (see embedded image below)-

    so can I :

    1. Clone the existing 64Gb SSD to one of the new 128GB SSD's - resize the partition to the full disc capacity - put it back in my system and see if it boots, if it does simply add the second 128Gb SSD and hope that it rebuilds the RAID 1 array


    2. Simply add one of the new 128Gb SSd's and then let the RAID rebuild (64Gb) remove it and the original 64Gb SSD from the system - once again resize the partition to the 128Gb - put it back in the system and once again see if it boots - if it does then add the second 128Gb SSD and hope that the RAID rebuilds as in 1. above


    3. Does anyone have a better suggestion/method?




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    Looks like a hardware array - this is good.
    Option 2 is close, but I don't think you will be able to expand the array in hardware. You might be lucky.
    1. Add the new SSD and let the array re-build. You will still only have a 64GB disk.
    2. Remove the 64GB SSD, add the other 128 and let it re-build. Still 64GB.
    3. Image the system to the old 64GB SSD. Test a lot.
    4. Blow the array away and recreate full size.
    5. Restore the image.

    cheers, Paul

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