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    Windows Live Mail hates my guts (& breaks apart large messages)

    i just don't understand it...if i could...i'd go back to outlook express, if it still exists...but i couldn't anyway cause all my messages now are of the stupid windows live mail type.

    anyway... i tried to send a large e-mail (15MB) to my pop3 client (WLM/verizon) from my web mail (gmail).

    it wouldn't come bounced back to the google server.

    so i go into my WLM account & notice that messages get broke apart if larger than 60KB.

    so i changed that to 2500KB & tried again.

    it came through...from gmail into WLM, as 1 whole message.

    so then... i tried to send it back to gmail...& WLM broke it apart into 9 parts..!!!

    i'm not getting this.

    please help...thanks,


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    Check your account's properties advanced tab.

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    Since you didn't tell us anything about what OS you're using, etc., I'm just taking a SWAG at it, that you're using some version of Windows 7, Eh?

    In Win-7 there is the same Windows Mail program that works in Vista, but it's been disabled. It can be set up to look and act almost exactly like Outlook Express. That's why I'm using it in my own Win-7 setup.
    Since you seem to be locked in to Windows Live Mail I won't go into the steps to Re-Activate Windows Mail, but it's comparatively easy.
    The steps have been posted on the internet in several places.

    Good luck Mate!
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