I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess..

My vb6 app allows the user to build / alter the appearance of an xl spreadsheet via a number of controls on my vb form(s) and then click an "Apply" button which causes the vb app to alter the spreadsheet. This all works fine but now what I'd like to do is incorporate the xl sheet in my own form via the ole container control.

The app starts off with a clean sheet and constructs it from text files and user input. How can I do the same via the ole container? All of the documentation I've been able to find have the container link to an already existing .xls file. Is there a way to create a new sheet without having to load a blank one from a directory?

How do I take all of my existing code and alter it to work on the ole container? (I'm using early binding in the vb6 app).

Any and all suggestions appreciated?