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    Excel: massive files for small content

    I sometimes (not often) receive Excel files from colleagues that are truly massive: 5 to 9 MB, for simple spreadsheets that have only maybe 80 rows and 15 columns, no graphs or links or anything else that I see as strange. I need to reduce the size, and sometimes I can do so by either copying sheets to a new workbook, or by copying cells to a new sheet in a new workbook. But sometimes that doesn't work either, or the process takes so long that I just give up after 5 min of full processor activity. Is there a quick way (!) of going through the file to see what could be causing the bloated size? I'm thinking of hidden logos/pictures, and the like. Or any other method of reducing the file size? All PCs in our company uses Office 2003, and I've not picked up the problem with files translated from newer versions.
    (Excel 2003 SP3 on XP SP3 computer)
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    Try deleting all columns to the right of the last one w/data and all rows below the last one with data. Often someone will select the entire worksheet and apply formatting to all the cells causing Excel to store this information for each cell.
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