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    ISDN modem com port speeds?

    I have an Eicon Diva T/A ISDN - I had to upgrade to Win 2K....
    Now, I can only get my ISDN to use 1 channel.

    The Port speed for Com1 can be set to a max of 128000, which is, the modem settings in control panel are a different story - the second to quickest speed is 115200, of which i can query the modem and get a response....and connect at 1 - 64 K channel. The highest setting in modems is 230400 (???) - at this setting the query won't communicate with the modem.

    Any ideas??? I have Sp2 installed did all the latest critical updates....if I config the dialup settings for 128K - it doesn't work, 64K does attempt to use both channels uses the format "phone&phone"


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    Re: ISDN modem com port speeds?

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>This</A> may help.

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