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    Vista Side Bar for XP

    Hello all,
    This might be old news to "XP" persons....But i can't help myself from being a "Tweaker",and having just installed XP-Pro.( week or so ago) Found this site that will permit you to change XP (visually side bar and everything else ) into Vista or "7" The site is huge and it took me sometime to sort this all out ...reading through the various pages of instructions, and "how to's" . First a warning... I didn't get this right the first time doing this ..So do a backup first.You will also need "7-Zip" (Free) to unpack the RAR folder...anyway here is the link XP Tweaks With these tweaks i was able to add the Vista side bar ,and have been using it for a few days and is stable... This is not some look alike but the actual "Real Deal" Just didn't like XP without the analog clock and calender ...Check it out
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    Looks good, I have some gadgets here and there on various XP desktops but I don't really use them, I even forget to look at the analog-style clock when I check the time!
    One thing I use all the time though is a little program called Visual Task Tips which adds an aero peek feature. It would be nice if it worked like 7 where I could click on the peek window to open but it DOES work in remote desktop, which DOES NOT work in 7 unless the server is running Enterprise or Ultimate and the client is 7 Home Premium or above.

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