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    Question Generic camera image downloader for XP

    Once again I've just done a fresh reinstall of my XP Pro as well as all of the programs and apps that I use on a daily or a regular basis. It's an event that I don't mind at all.
    It gives me the chance to refresh my XP system back to a minimal clean and fast operation.

    One bugbear I always come up against with my reinstalls are the three manufactures bloatware installation discs that installs three separate image downloaders for my family's three digital cameras as well as almost a Gig of other image handling programs that I have no use for.

    I'm not pleased being forced to install so much unnecessary stuff by manufacturers.
    Even manually, none of the three name brand camera image downloaders will recognise another camera.

    All I need is one generic camera image downloader that will see a camera image store of any name brand camera and download the new images into a dated folder......pronto.

    Can anyone suggest or link me to any such program?


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    If you are attaching the cameras to the PC then you most likely need the vendor software for a driver.

    You might want to investigate a USB card reader. There are many devices that will handle multiple card types. They should be very reasonable in price. You just need to ensure that it will handle all the card types you have.


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    It depends on where you want the images to end up. If you want them to be managed by one particular program in its library, then you would want to install and use that one program. If you simply want to copy them to a folder, you can change your camera's USB setting from PTP to mass storage mode and Windows should detect the storage card as a drive and let you copy files in Windows Explorer.

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    Try Picasa from Google (works by mass storage detection); and if you let it manage your photo collection (index all photos on system) it can tell you if some of the images on a flash card in a camera have already been downloaded to avoid duplicate downloads.

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